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Project Millennial: An In-depth look at the generation shaping today's brands

Project Millennial

The Facts

  • The Millennials are those born between 1980 and 1998 making them between 15 – 33 years of age
  • They represent 27% of the population
  • According to Statistics Canada by 2016 Millennials and their children will represent 40% of the population
  • Controls or influences an estimated $70billion (CAD) in spending

The Methodology

TrendSpotter Consulting and People Talking Market Research have joined forces to launch Project Millennial, an in-depth look at this important generation using both quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Quantitative
    Sample = 3000
    Data collected on-line
    Compares Millennials and Boomers
    Nationally representative including French and English Canada
  • Qualitative
    Face-to-Face focus groups
    Online focus groups

About the Study

The study includes an in-depth look into the following factors shaping how and what Millennials buy and the influences on their purchase decision:

  • Their financial/debt situation and how this is shaping their attitudes towards employment, what they are buying today and what they are saving for tomorrow
  • The important influences in their lives. What are they and how do they interact with them?
  • Their life online including their viewing habits, their use of social media
  • Where they look for information about new products
  • How they are using social media to build relationships with the world around them and the brands that are trying to influence them.
  • Their attitudes towards their health, wellness and lifestyle and how these are shaping the foods they are eating and those they are avoiding.
  • Where they are shopping and what they buy on-line versus bricks and mortar retail and the features that they are demanding
  • What makes one brand "cool" and another forgettable and how brands can better position themselves on this elusive criterion.

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Project Millennial November 25, 2013 News Release